I would ike to inform about online Applications performing Group Charter

I would ike to inform about online Applications performing Group Charter

The objective of this online Applications Working Group (Web WG) is always to create requirements that facilitate the introduction of client-side internet applications.

Start date 14 May 2019
End date 31 May 2021
Chairs LГ©onie Watson (TetraLogical), Marcos CГЎceres (Mozilla)
Team Contacts Xiaoqian Wu (0.1 FTE )
Meeting Schedule Teleconferences: topic-specific phone telephone calls will soon be held when required. Face-to-face: we are going to satisfy through the W3C’s yearly Technical Plenary week; extra face-to-face conferences may be scheduled by permission of individuals.


The range regarding the online Working Group is:

  • Haptic input products and their emitted activities and/or information.
  • Textual input and text manipulation.
  • Information sharing across remote and web that is local.
  • Getting and acting upon information from remote sources.
  • Accessing the file system and persistent storage space.
  • Interfacing with OS abilities.
  • Integrating internet applications aided by the OS.

The working group additionally keeps a specification for mapping HTML elements and attributes to platform accessibility APIs, and a split specification that describes writer conformance needs for establishing ARIA characteristics. The performing Group doesn’t expect you’ll add some other requirements with this matter.

Specs made by the Web Working Group enable developers to generate web applications that really work across a range that is wide of and products, as well as for a broad variety of users, by handling issues of accessibility, unit liberty, internationalization, privacy, and protection.

Success Criteria

So that you can advance to Proposed Recommendation, each specification should have at the very least two separate implementations in wide usage.

Each specification should have an accompanying test suite, that will be preferably developed in parallel into the specification. The test suite will be employed to create an execution report ahead of the specification transitions to Proposed Recommendation. Continue reading